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Payment Policy

Last Update: 8/25/2022 8:30:47 AM

Receive payment

We require customers to pay in advance 100% of the order amount including shipping costs if any.

Payment methods

We accept payment from customers through a secure payment gateway Stripe, Paypal,...

For more information, please visit the Stripe, Paypal,... website.

Accepted credit cards (preferred method)

All orders must be placed online through our checkout process. We accept all major credit cards including Paypal , Master Card, Visa,… We can accept most prepaid credit cards as long as the card is registered with the billing address. Only one credit card can be used to process the order.

Alternative payment methods (check, money order, ACH, wire transfer)

For orders totaling $700.00 or more, we accept checks, money orders, ACH and wire transfers. Orders will be put on hold until payment is received.

After payment is made, the order will be released for shipping. .Personal checks are processed on Tuesdays and Fridays and are held for 3 business days from the date of processing when cashed. Once payment is received, all other alternative payment orders will be released with a minimum delay of 1 business day before payment is received.

Fees and Licensing

Your card will be charged in full once the first item in your order ships. When you place an order on our website, your bank account will be authorized for the amount of your order. An authorization is a message your bank sends to our payment system telling us that your card is valid and the required funds are available. These authorizations may appear as “pending” on your bank statement until the funds are captured. Once the order is charged to the card, the authorization will be removed from your bank statement, usually within 1-3 business days.

Credit and debit card providers vary in how long they hold pending transaction authorizations. If your order requires a longer delivery time, a member of our payments team may contact you and ask you to charge your card in advance to avoid loss of authorization. Authorized and/or pending transactions will keep these funds in your bank account, which may result in overdraft charges. Rodneye is not responsible for any fees in the event of such an overdraft.


All prices on the website are in United States dollars ($). For orders outside the U.S., the order amount recorded on your credit card statement will be converted to the local currency of the country of order. The exchange rate is set when your order is shipped, not when the order is placed. Credit card companies may also charge currency conversion fees. Please contact your card issuer for more details.

Financing and Conditions

We provide financing through a third-party provider, Credit Key, which offers traditional financing and 4 payment methods. If you would like to rent through another third party rental company as a credit key, please contact our Payments Department at [email protected]. For frequently asked questions about this payment method, please visit our support page.

We also offer Net 30 terms through a third party company, Capital One Trade Credit. For more information on this payment option and how to qualify, please log in to your account and go to the Account Dashboard to find Net 30 Terms on the left side of the Dashboard.

Purchase Order

We cannot accept orders as payment because we update prices in real time and do not rely on advertised prices. All orders must be placed online and paid in full at the time of purchase.

Contact us

Mail: [email protected]

Address: 1309 Coffeen Avenue STE 1200 Sheridan WY 82801 US

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